About Compiled

Mission Statement

Compiled is a place to bring all information around given topics into a single place. All sources, videos, tweets, etc. placed into a single page for reference, for sharing, and most importantly for educating.

Compiled was dreamt up out of the need to have a reference sheet to a given topic. Have you ever been talking with a close friend, maybe about politics, MSM, hollywood, etc. and you said a statement that your friend, no matter how well they trust you, still gave you that look of, "this dude is losing it"... You notice this look and immediately try to show sources to back up your bold claim. After a minute or so you find maybe 1-2 sources, you start reading through and by this time, your friend has decided his initial reaction was correct.

Compiled was born. Now, when you make some bold claim such as, "The Clintons have likely assinated over 50 people", or "CNN, NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS are ALL FAKE NEWS", or "Yes, Obama did have scandals during his presidency", you can quickly pull up a list with all the archived sources needed.

Our Structure


Lists are the main topic in which to compile all the information that support, prove, or explain the list. For example, there may be a list called "Fake News". The point of this list may be to prove and source all the occurences of the news being fake.


Posts are indivudal events or pieces of information that support or explain the list. Each list can have unlimited posts. For example, in our "Fake News" list we could have a post titled "Media claims Trump overfed koi fish". This post may then contain sources to every story published about President Trump overfeeding the fish.


Sources are the direct links to articles, tweets, videos, etc that contain the supporting evidence or information to the given post. Each post can have unlimited sources. For example, in our "Media claims Trump overfed koi fish" post in our "Fake News" list, you might find the source,

All sources are automatically archived. We know it's common for sources to change, get deleted, or just get buried. By archiving sources, we ensure the information in your lists stays relevant.


Suggestions are just sources you may suggest to a list you did not create. Our goal is to have very extensive lists that contain as many supporting sources as possible. We think the best way to acheive this is through suggestions. Allowing the community to help build any list they are interested in.


Can I create my own lists, posts, and sources?

Yes, but during our initial launch phase we will be manually approving lists. We are NOT curating or censoring. We are just checking for display bugs, spam, or any site wide breaking issues.

You will still be able to add posts and sources to your list while it's inactive. You can also publish your list while it's inactive. This will cause your list to show immediately once we have confirmed no issues.

We are looking for lists that contained about 10 sources to start BUT, if it's a good list with relevant sources we may still activate with less sources.

What can/can't I post?

You can post any source (news, article, tweet, videos, images, etc) as long as they don't violate our basic rules.

You CANNOT post

  • Nudity (our platform is for sharing information and educating others. We don't see how nudity could ever fall under the umbrealla of our mission statement)
  • Direct threats of violence, however, if there is a source of someone making a threat and this source is used properly for it's respective list to show historical evidence, this is allowed
  • Doxxing of any form. You may source and share public information on public officials such as public contact emails, phone numbers, and addresses. No private information should be shared for any individual.

Why can't I publish my list?

In the first few weeks after launch we will be fixing site bugs and adding features. During this initial launch we are manually reviewing lists in search for display issues, broken links, and anything else that may arrise. You can still populate your lists while you wait for them to be made active. Once active you can publish or unpublish your list at any time.

Do I need a minimum amount of sources added to my list before it gets approved?

Yes and no. We'd like to see lists with about 10 sources, but we understand some lists may be just as informative and useful with as low as 3-5 sources. Depending on the lists topic, we will make the decision. Our plan is to be out of the list suggestion phase in 1 month at which time you will be open to publishing lists whenever you please.

How is Compiled funded?

My own pocket. I'm one guy who decided it was time to build tools to help in any way I can. I've considered helping by being a content creator on youtube or dlive but talking isn't my strength. I realized I can help out through small tech tools. This is my first public project but I'm planning more! You can follow my release of projects on my SubscribeStar and Patreon pages.

Can I support Compiled in any way?

Yes, one of the best ways is to COMPILE, COMPILE, COMPILE. The strength of compiled is having large unrefutable lists on all topics.

You can also help with funding if you wish. I have set up a SubscribeStar and Patreon page. I will be using those platforms for announcing more projects and I'm considering offering special website features to contributors.

I also accept crypto donations.

Do you plan on monetizing Compiled?

We will see. If I do choose to monetize the site, it will be through additional features. Creating lists, and adding sources will still be free as our core goal with Compiled is to give people a tool to aggregate sources in whatever topics they please.

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